About Us

Who we are

At the Australian College of Community Services (ACCS), our team are driven to help our students succeed. With extensive experience in mental health, community services, alcohol and other drugs, health, education and business, our online courses are developed to help students reach their full professional potential. We’re a not-for-profit which means any surpluses generated from our education programs are re-invested into the community services sector.

Our approach

Developing your career should be a personal journey, not a chore. We create programs with the latest and greatest in professional practice, offering courses that have real world applications through interactive and engaging content. Our developers are also managers, counsellors, community workers and specialists. That means we know the challenges our students are facing, both as part of their every day job and the overall environment in which they are working.

Areas of specialisation

Our developers have expertise in the fields of mental health, alcohol and other drugs, workplace safety and quality practice, working with niche client groups and staff induction. We also work in partnership with thought leaders to develop exclusive training opportunities for our students to stay ahead of the curve.
Our workshops cover a range of relevant issues and are specialised to suit a broad range of sectors including corporate, government and government agencies, non-government, construction & mining, and human services.
Current organisations benefiting from ACCS training courses include:
  • Queensland Police Service
  • Origin Energy
  • Komatsu
  • Red Cross
  • Queensland Government – Various Departments
  • Centrelink
  • Queensland University of Technology
  • Richmond Fellowship Queensland
  • Aftercare
  • Primary Health Network
  • Endeavour Foundation
  • Churches of Christ Care Queensland